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The mesh belt pass-through shot blasting machine uses a conveying mesh belt as the carrier of the workpiece. One end of the shot blasting chamber is the loading station, and the other end is the unloading station. When working, the parts are placed on the conveyor belt at the loading station, and the conveyor belt slowly enters the shot blasting chamber for shot blasting, and then the workpiece is removed at the unloading station. The mesh belt shot blasting machine has the characteristics of good continuity, no collision, high cleaning efficiency, large production batch, no pit, etc. It is mainly used for surface blasting of thin-walled castings, fragile iron or aluminum alloy castings, ceramics and other small parts. Shot cleaning can also be used for shot blasting of mechanical parts.

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Manganese steel mesh belt, long service life.

Using advanced filter cartridge dust collector, the emission is up to standard.

Using high-performance transmission motor, strong power, low noise.

Adopt steel shot flow automatic control system.

Using mesh belt frequency conversion speed regulation conveying system, the speed can be adjusted to ensure the quality of cleaning.

Wind separation (magnetic separation) sorting system is adopted, and the separation effect is good.


Generally suitable for large quantities of surface cleaning parts or parts that only clean one surface.

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Detailed cleaning of hub type throwing head

The arrangement angle of the shot blaster of the mesh belt shot blasting machine is designed according to the shape and size of different castings. By adjusting the shot angle, the target parts can be shot more concentratedly.

Continuous, multi-directional, high-efficiency shot blasting

The mesh belt allows the parts to pass through in an automatic, continuous and uninterrupted manner, and accepts shot blasting in multiple directions to avoid damage to the parts due to collision with each other.

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The main advantage of the mesh belt shot blasting machine: continuous, collision-free shot blasting process

Continuous work without any collision, suitable for small and medium pieces, large production batch. According to the size of the workpiece, the opening number of the blasting machine can be determined, which can reduce unnecessary energy waste and improve the service life of the equipment.

Convenient and efficient cleaning operation
The shot blasting chamber body is welded by steel plates, and the whole is a box-shaped structure with high strength and no vibration. The guard plate is jointed with stoppers, which effectively prolongs the service life of the chamber, and can make full use of the rebound of the projectile to form a secondary cleaning.

Mesh belt conveyor system
Manganese steel mesh belt conveying system with frequency conversion speed regulation.
Wear-resistant manganese steel is used, and after tempering treatment, the internal residual stress of manganese steel is eliminated, the hardness of manganese steel wire is appropriately reduced, and its toughness and plasticity are improved. The drive deceleration motor is installed on the right side of the mesh belt, which is directly connected with the driving shaft roller to drive the mesh belt and the workpiece to run together, which can realize frequency conversion speed regulation.