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It is suitable for cleaning the residue, rust and chloride scale on the inner and outer surfaces of large castings and riveted structural parts. This machine is equipped with a shot blasting system and a shot blasting system. During use, shot blasting is the main method, and shot blasting is the auxiliary method. Shot blasting is used for supplementary cleaning at the dead corner of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of complete cleaning.

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Trolley Type Shot Blasting Machine - Longfa

Q76 series shot blasting cleaning machine is mainly composed of cleaning room, shot blasting machine, trolley conveying mechanism, hoist, maintenance platform, separator, bottom hopper of vibrating conveyor, shot blasting system, dust removal system, electric control system, etc. The workpiece is dragged by the trolley into the cleaning room during cleaning, the door is closed, the trolley runs to the front of the shot blasting room, and the separator, hoist, vibrating conveyor and shot blaster are started in sequence. When the workpiece travels to the blasting area, the detection The device sends out a signal for shot blasting, and then the spray gun can be started to manually clean the dead corners of the workpiece. After the workpiece is cleaned, it is transported out of the cleaning room by the trolley for unloading and loading.

Serial Number Name Specification
Q765 Q7610 Q7630B Q7630C Q7630G
1 Large trolley load mass/t 5 5 30 30 30
2 Casting size φ/mm*h/mm - 2000*1000 4000*2000 4000*2000 4000*2475
l/mm*b/mm*h/mm 2000*2000*1000 - - - -
3 Clean room size l/m*b/mm*h/mm 3.4*3.4*2.5 - 5.0*5.0*3.4  5.0*5.0*3.4   
4 Shot blaster Amount 2 2 4 4 4
Single shot blasting rate/(kg/min) 280 250 280 350 280
Single power/KW 22 - 22 22 22
5 Shot blaster Amount 1 1 1 1 2(1 spare )
Number of spray guns/piece 1 1 1 1 2(1 spare )
Shot peening amount/(t/h) 1-1.5 - 1-1.8 1-1.5 1-1.8
Compressed air consumption/(m³/min) 6 6.5 6.5 - 13