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The steel structure shot blasting machine is a multifunctional steel pretreatment equipment for large-scale cleaning of structural parts, H steel and section steel. The arrangement of the shot blasting device is multi-angle, and the world’s advanced double-disc blade shot blasting device is selected to project high-speed and dense projectile beams to strike all parts of the steel in the original state for three-dimensional cleaning, so that the particles on each surface of the steel are cleaned. The rust layer, welding scars, oxide scales and their dirt fall off quickly, and a smooth surface with a certain roughness is obtained, which improves the adhesion between the paint film and the steel surface, improves the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the steel, and improves the inner quality of the steel. quality and prolong its service life.

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Structural Steelwork Shot Blasting - Longfa

QH69 series steel structure shot blasting machine can clean H-shaped steel and structural parts with reasonable size in one pass. It can not only remove the rust on the surface of the workpiece, clean up the welding slag on the structural parts, but also remove the welding stress of the workpiece, improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, and increase the adhesion of the paint film when the workpiece is painted.

It is mainly used in ships, automobiles, rolling stock, bridges, machinery and other industries. It is used for stress relief and surface derusting cleaning of large steel structures such as large I-shaped steel and H-shaped steel.

* Non-standard design can be carried out according to the type of workpiece to be cleaned by the user and the user's requirements, and the specific specification parameters can be determined.

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Strong cleaning ability, suitable for various workpieces.

Short shot blasting time and high work efficiency.

Professionally arranged shot blasting machine has good cleaning effect.

Continuous production with high degree of automation.


Simple operation and easy maintenance.

Can be integrated into existing production lines.

Scientific design, rich experience.

Tailor-made dimensions to meet workpieces of different sizes.

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More environmentally friendly, easy maintenance

The main advantages of automated production lines: more environmentally friendly, easy maintenance.

The shot blasting machine can be integrated with a fully automatic production line, and the operator does not need to touch the workpiece until the workpiece is completely cleaned and leaves the equipment. With today's heavy workload conditions, long maintenance intervals and low maintenance costs are critical. Simple but effective sealing components prevent shot leakage. Dust removal equipment and closed shot conveying system can prevent the environment from being polluted when the equipment is in operation.

Stable shot blasting performance

Always maintain stable shot blasting performance, high operational safety, low energy consumption, and low wear.

The arrangement of the shot blasting chamber and the shot blasting device is determined by computer three-dimensional dynamic shot simulation.

The use of (Q034Z) centrifugal shot blasting device with high projecting speed and large shot blasting volume can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency of the shot blasting machine and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality.

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