Enterprise Tenet


Quality Mission:

Integrity and dedication, dedicated to users

It is precisely because of our integrity and dedication that we are praised by users for adhering to the principle of"customers only need to raise requirements, while we take care of the rest." "Long Fa" provides services with sincerity and dedication, taking the user's interests into consideration and making every effort to deliver. We take quality, cost performance, delivery time, and service satisfaction as standards, and our tenet is to be responsible for and satisfy our customers.

Quality Commitment:

Carefully manufacturing, every casting machine to ensure satisfaction

It is our commitment to carefully manufacture, keep improving, and guarantee satisfaction for every casting machine. All our work revolves around quality. It has always been our honor to be a loyal partner of our customers.

Quality Pursuit

Assiduously pursue, establish a brand in the hearts of users

It is our mission to repay society with quality, carefully plan innovative pursuits, diligently pursue continuous improvement, and establish the reputation of "Long Fa" brand in the hearts of users as our eternal quality pursuit.

Quality Objectives

Progressive, strive to achieve 100 %

Quality goal: the pass rate of product final inspection is 98 %, with an annual increase of 0. 1 %; Customer satisfaction is 90 points, with an annual increase of 1 point.