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Q32 series crawler shot blasting machine is suitable for surface treatment of various small (not afraid of bumping) parts. Sand cleaning on the surface of various metal castings, rust removal on the surface of ferrous metal parts, removal of surface burrs and blunt surface corners of stamping parts, surface treatment of forgings and heat-treated workpieces, removal of oxide skin on the surface of springs and refinement of grain particles on the surface, etc. It can be realized with the shot blasting strengthening process of this series of equipment.

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Crawler Shot Blasting Machine - Longfa

Its application range is extremely wide, mainly including foundries, bicycle parts factories, auto parts factories, motorcycle parts factories, non-ferrous metal die-casting factories, etc. The workpiece after shot blasting can get a good material color, and it can also be used as the front process of metal parts surface blackening, bluing, passivation, etc. At the same time, it can provide a good base for electroplating, paint and other coatings . After the shot blasting treatment of this machine, the tensile stress of the workpiece can be reduced, and the surface grains can be refined at the same time, so that the surface of the workpiece can be strengthened and its service life can be increased. The crawler type shot blasting machine has low noise, less dust and high production efficiency. At the same time, it can be recycled automatically, with less material consumption and low cost. It is an ideal surface treatment equipment for modern enterprises.

Technical parameters of Q32 series crawler shot blasting machine     
Serial Number Project Unit Q326 Q3210 Q150
1 Productivity th 0.6-1.2 2-2.5 4-6
2 Feed amount k9 200 600 1350
3 Single piece maximum weight k9 10 30 250
4 End plate diameter mm 650 1000 1092
5 Effective volume 0.15 0.3 0.43
6 Shot blasting amount kg/min 120 250 480
7 Dust removal air volume m³/h 2000 3500 6000
8 Power consumption kw 12.6 24.3 48.5
9 Crawler form   Rubber Rubber Metal