At present, with the maturity and development of technology, cleaning equipment has gradually got rid of the category of "foundry machinery", and has entered a new world of development in a wider field, and its application range has become wider and wider. In recent years, cleaning equipment has not only Applied in the foundry industry, it has also widely entered the following industries.

In short, as an effective non-contact surface treatment technology, shot blasting is in the golden age of development. With the gradual expansion of the penetration field, we can always feel the shadow of its existence around us, such as the body of the car, the highway, etc. The guardrails, radiators, liquefied gas cylinders, aluminum alloys, and window frames on both sides have all been shot blasted. Shot blasting technology is affecting and changing our lives.

Such as aircraft wings, empennages, military workpieces, etc.

Aerospace And Military Fields

Typical workpieces such as the five major components of excavators, bulldozers, etc.

Construction Machinery Factory

Building tower cranes, highway cross-river cross-sea steel structure bridges, etc.

Construction Machinery, Bridge Engineering

It is mainly steel plate profile pretreatment line. Now many domestic and international shipyards and steel mills have successfully applied this equipment. There are also many steel plate lines exported to my country and abroad.

Port, Shipbuilding And Steel Smelting Industry

All railway locomotive factories and depots in Jiping, China have installed shot blasting machines for complete vehicles or bolster side frames, and a large number of cleaning equipment are also used for automobile chassis, car bodies, and key parts.

Railway Locomotive And Automobile Manufacturing

Domestic oilfields such as Daqing, Shengli, Zhongyuan, Liaohe, and Jianghan are basically equipped with sucker rod strengthening machines, steel pipe outer and inner wall cleaning machines, etc.

Oilfield Equipment Cleaning Enhancement

Domestically, such as carbon electrode shot blasting machines, ceramic tile cleaning machines, etc. The successful use of foreign concrete production, terrazzo parts shot blasting machines, etc., has created a new world of shot blasting technology in the non-metallic field.

Non-metal Fields

All domestic ship chain manufacturers are also equipped with special shot blasting machines for anchor chains.

Marine Anchor Chain Manufacturing Industry

The successful use of shot blasting machines in China, such as Shengaokai and Yagaokai, has extended the tentacles of shot blasting technology to the new field of power equipment.

Power Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Many machine tool factories across the country have used machine tool bed shot blasting machines, gear strengthening machines, etc.

Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry

Such as spring shot blasting, wire rod or silver bright material cleaning, special trailer manufacturing, etc.