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Q38 series is a high-efficiency hanging chain continuous shot blasting machine specially designed to meet the needs of various industries. With its multifunctional functions and advanced technology, this machine has excellent performance in shot blasting, rust removal and stress relief of workpieces.

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Pass-Through Monorail Shot Blast Machine - Longfa

One of the main advantages is its static loading and unloading capabilities. This function can load and unload workpieces conveniently and efficiently, and is suitable for mass processing. The machine also has automatic fast conveying and positioning functions to ensure smooth and precise movement of workpieces.

Equipped with a rotary shot blasting system, it can effectively remove the rust on the surface of the workpiece and clean the welding slag on the structural parts. In addition, the system helps to relieve welding stress, thereby increasing the fatigue resistance of the workpiece. This improves the overall surface and intrinsic quality of the workpiece.

Serial Number Project Unit Q383 Q384 Q385
1 Productivity Hook/h 50, 65, 38, 49 70, 80 75
2 Hook running speed m/min 0.5, 0.65 0.8, 0.93 0.65
3 Single hook lifting kg 250 400 500
4 Hook spacing mm 600, 800 800 800
5 Shot blasting amount kg/min 4*250 6*250 5*250
6 Ventilation m³/h 18000 26500 23700
7 Clean workpiece size mm 500*1200 700*1200 700*1500 700*1500
8 Pit depth mm 2070 2667 1700
9 Power consumption (without dust removal) kw 75.3 122.6 106.75
Pass-Through Monorail Shot Blast Machine4

Another notable feature is its continuously variable workpiece transport path. This makes it easy to adjust the conveying speed to meet different production requirements. The machine is controlled by conventional electrical appliances, which is convenient for users to operate and maintain.

Available in all forms of hangable workpieces including mass, cast steel, cast iron and weldments. It is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery and other industries. This machine is a reliable and efficient shot blasting solution for improving paint film adhesion when workpieces are painted.

The Q38 series chain-type continuous shot blasting machine is a rugged and versatile piece of equipment with excellent blast cleaning capabilities. With its advanced functions, it can efficiently remove rust, clean up welding slag, and eliminate welding stress of workpieces. This ultimately improves the surface and intrinsic quality of the workpiece, making it suitable for a wide range of industries. Capable of delivering excellent results and increasing the overall efficiency of the production process.

Pass-Through Monorail Shot Blast Machine5