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Aluminum formwork shot blasting machine is a treatment technology that impacts steel sand and steel shots on the surface of material objects at high speed through a shot blaster. It is mainly used to remove burrs, scales and rust, which may affect the integrity of object parts, appearance, Or definition; the aluminum template shot blasting machine can remove surface pollutants for a partially coated surface, and provide a surface profile that increases the adhesion of the coating to achieve the purpose of strengthening the workpiece.We specialize in the manufacture of architectural aluminum formwork shot blasting machines_automated aluminum alloy profile shot blasting machines_special shot blasting and sand blasting for surface renovation of aluminum parts.

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Features of Aluminum Formwork Shot Blasting Machine

This machine is mainly used for sticking sand on the surface of old aluminum templates. In the production of general castings, shot blasting cleaning is an essential process to find surface defects of castings such as subcutaneous air holes, slag holes, sand sticking, cold shut, peeling, etc. means. The surface cleaning of non-ferrous metal castings, such as aluminum alloys, copper alloys, etc., in addition to removing scale and finding surface defects of castings, the main purpose is to remove burrs of die castings and obtain a decorative surface by shot blasting. quality for a combined effect.

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1. Automatic cleaning: The aluminum formwork shot blasting machine is operated by touch screen and PLC monitoring, with a high degree of automation. The machine is equipped with automatic feeding of the discharge table and automatic sand pouring device. The feeding interval can be shortened and the operation of the workers is easier, just place the material on the workbench and move it back to the material rack from the sand table.

2. Higher work efficiency: the cleaning capacity can reach more than 300M² for aluminum templates. Compared with other surface treatment technologies, the efficiency is faster and more effective, and it can effectively liberate the casting process after part retention or stamping the labor force.

3. Long service life: The maintenance cost of the equipment is relatively low. After upgrading and transformation, the mechanical structure is more advanced and reasonable. High-quality imported materials and advanced manufacturing technology are used to improve the service life of the wearing parts of the aluminum template shot blasting machine. , so that the service life of the machine is longer.

4. Excellent dust removal effect: the machine is equipped with a dust collector, which has an excellent dust removal effect and does not damage the original surface of the aluminum formwork. Both large and small aluminum formwork can be cleaned.