Cartridge dust collector

Dust removal equipment refers to equipment that separates dust from flue gas, also called dust collector or dust removal equipment.

Continuous Filtration Stable Operation.

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Cartridge dust collector

The filtration mechanism of the filter cartridge dust collector is the result of a comprehensive effect, such as gravity, inertial force, collision, electrostatic adsorption, sieving effect, etc. When the gas containing smoke and dust enters the dust collector through the air inlet, the larger dust particles will directly settle due to the increase of the cross-sectional area and the decrease of the wind speed; the smaller dust and dust particles will be retained by the filter cartridge on the surface of the filter cartridge. The purified gas passing through the filter cartridge is discharged by the induced draft fan through the air outlet. As the filtration continues, the dust and dust on the surface of the filter cartridge accumulate more and more, and the resistance of the filter cartridge continues to rise. When the resistance of the equipment reaches a certain limit, the dust and dust accumulated on the surface of the filter cartridge must be removed in time. Under the action of compressed gas, the filter cartridge is blown back to remove the smoke and dust attached to the surface of the filter cartridge, so that the filter cartridge is regenerated, and the cycle is repeated to achieve continuous filtration to ensure continuous and stable operation of the equipment.

Model number Air volume M³/h Number of cartridges NO. Number of solenoid valves N0. Size mm Filter are aM²
LFT-2-4 6000 4 4 1016X2400X2979 80
LFT-3-6 8000 6 6 1016X2400X3454 120
LFT-4-8 10000 8 8 1016X2400X4315 160
LFT-3-12 13000 12 6 1016X2400X3454 240
LFT-3-18 18000 18 9 160000X4315 360
LFT-4-32 36000 32 16 2032X2400X4315 640
LFT-4-40 45000 40 20 2540X2400X4315 800
LFT-4-48 54000 48 24 3048X2400X4315 960
LFT-4-96 95000 96 48 6096X2400X4315 1920
Cartridge dust collector3


Compact structure and easy maintenance.

The cylinder has a long service life and can be used for two years or more.

High dust removal efficiency, up to 99.99%.

Suitable for various working conditions.

Building block structure, can form the required processing air volume.