Shot Blasting Machine Spare Parts

As the core component of the shot blasting machine, the shot blasting machine directly determines the cleaning effect of the shot blasting machine. It is the steel shot that enters the shot blasting machine’s inlet pipe into the shot blasting wheel, and then the shot wheel distributes the steel shot to each blade of the shot blasting machine, and the blade is driven by the shot blasting machine motor to throw the steel shot at high speed Impact the surface of the workpiece to achieve the effect of cleaning the surface of the workpiece.

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High Efficiency: Introducing foreign technology design, rich selection of models.

High wear resistance: assembled with high chrome wear-resistant parts.

Good balance: the impeller passes static and dynamic balance test.

Low noise: the noise of single machine is lower than 85dB.

Good sealing: end guards and top guards adopt multi-layer protection.

Simple structure: the overall arrangement is flexible and easy to replace.

Equipment Composition

Shot blasting machine motor, shot blasting machine main shaft, impeller body, blade, top guard plate, side guard plate, end guard plate, shot separation wheel, orientation sleeve, combination plate, square head bolt, shot blasting machine cover, etc.

Shot Blasting Machine Spare Parts4
Shot Blasting Machine Spare Parts3

Abundant Equipment Models to Meet Various Needs

We have Q034 shot blaster, Q034Ⅱ shot blaster, Q035 shot blaster, 420 shot blaster, 720 shot blaster, 800 shot blaster, DISA shot blaster, 7.5kw shot blaster, 11kw shot blaster, 15kw Shot blasting machine, 22kw shot blasting machine, 37kw shot blasting machine, 45kw shot blasting machine and shaft seat type shot blasting machine and other models.

The Shot Blaster is The Heart of The Shot Blasting Machine

How to do a good job of maintaining the shot blasting machine?
● Make a record of the shift change of the shot blasting machine, and record the maintenance of each shift of the shot blasting machine in detail.
● Frequently clean the filter screen of the shot blasting machine to prevent debris from entering the shot blasting machine with the steel shot and causing "fatal damage" to the shot blasting machine.
● Often observe whether the motor of the shot blasting machine is hot or has abnormal noise. If any abnormality is found, the cause should be found in time to eliminate hidden dangers in time.
● Replace the blades and guard plates of the blasting machine in time according to the use time of the shot blasting machine accessories and the wear of the shot blasting machine accessories, so that the shot blasting machine can be used reasonably and its life can be extended.
● Because the shot blasting machine rotates at high speed for a long time, the requirements for the bearings and grease used are very high, and imported bearings and grease must be used. In the usual lubrication, it is also required to add once a week to ensure the high-speed rotation of the bearing.
● The motor of the shot blasting machine adopts direct-coupled or belt-driven type, which maintains the problem of dynamic and static balance and is equipped with bearings of moderate size. The service life is more than 20,000 hours. On the ammeter, it can be monitored synchronously to understand the operation of each shot blaster.

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