Dust filter cartridge

Dust removal equipment refers to equipment that separates dust from flue gas, also called dust collector or dust removal equipment.

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Dust filter cartridge

Filter cartridges, as the name implies, are cylindrical elements used for filtering. Filter cartridges are generally divided into filter cartridges for filtering liquid media and filter cartridges for filtering gaseous media. Usually, the filter cartridges we refer to are mostly used To filter the air, it is called an air filter cartridge (hereinafter referred to as the filter cartridge). The filter cartridge belongs to the surface-to-filter element. It uses the tiny air-permeable tissue formed on the surface of the filter material to block the particulate matter in the air. The design wind speed of the filter cartridge is a key parameter, which is related to the operation effect of the entire dust collector. Under certain circumstances, we recommend that the design wind speed of filter paper containing wood pulp fibers should not exceed 0.6 m/min, and the recommended design wind speed of polyester non-woven fabrics is 1 m/min. Of course, we also need to consider the specific characteristics of the filtered dust.

Model number Heights Outer diameter of top cover Inside diameter of top cover Outer diameter of bottom cover
LH3266 660mm φ325mm φ215mm φ325mm
LH3275 750mm φ325mm φ215mm φ325mm
LH3280 800mm φ325mm φ215mm φ325mm
LH3290 900mm φ325mm φ215mm φ325mm
LH32100 1000mm φ325mm φ215mm φ325mm
LH32110 1100mm φ325mm φ215mm φ325mm
LH3566 660mm φ350mm φ240mm φ350mm
LH3575 750mm φ325mm φ240mm φ350mm
LH3580 800mm φ350mm φ240mm φ350mm
LH3590 900mm φ350mm φ240mm φ350mm
LH35100 1000mm φ350mm φ240mm φ350mm
LH35110 1100mm φ350mm φ240mm φ350mm
Dust filter cartridge1

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