Hook through shot blasting machine

The hook-through shot blasting machine is a standard series product of Longfa shot blasting machine, which has the characteristics of continuous operation, high production efficiency and good cleaning effect. It is suitable for cleaning or strengthening the surface of large quantities of medium and small castings and forgings, steel structure parts and heat treatment parts.

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Q37 Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

Q37 hook type shot blasting machine is suitable for surface cleaning or strengthening treatment of medium and small castings and forgings in foundry, construction, chemical industry, electrical machinery, machine tools and other industries. It is especially suitable for surface cleaning and shot blasting strengthening of castings, forgings and steel structural parts of various varieties and small batches, so as to remove a small amount of sticky sand, sand core and scale on the surface of the workpiece; it is also suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of heat treatment parts ; Especially suitable for the cleaning of slender and thin-walled parts that are not suitable for collision.

The hook type shot blasting machine is composed of shot blasting chamber, hoist, separator, screw conveyor, projectile control system, hook walking track, hook system, rotation device, dust removal system and electrical control part.

Serial Number Project Unit Q376 Q378 Q3710 Q3720 Q3730 Q3750 Q3780
1 Clean workpiece size mm 600*1100 800*1500 900*1600 1400*2300 1600*2200 1800*2500  2000*3000
2 Single hook lifting KG 600 1000 1000 2000 3000 5000 8000
3 Shot blasting amount kg/min 2*120 2*200 2*250 3*250 3*250 4*250 4*250
4 Lifting capacity of hoist th 15 22 30 45 45 60 60
5 Separator separation volume th 15 22 30 45 45 60 60
6 Ventilation mh 5000 8000 9000 15000 15000 18000 20000
7  Power (excluding dust removal) kw 19 32.5 36.55 61.27 64.4 78.4 81.5


Scientific conveying technology

High efficiency shot blaster

Short shot blasting time

Various equipment sizes and options


Sand removal

Removal of scale and rust

Remove flash and burr

increase surface roughness

Shot blasting to increase fatigue strength


Q75 Series Shot Blasting Cleaning Machine

Q75 series shot blasting cleaning machine, the workpiece is carried by the hook into the shot blasting chamber, and the high-efficiency shot blaster is used to project the projectiles on the surface of the cleaned workpiece at high speed to clean the workpiece. For workpieces with more complex structures,The dead angle of shot blasting can be removed by shot blasting to thoroughly clean the workpiece to achieve the purpose of rust removal and strengthening. It is suitable for surface cleaning or strengthening treatment of small and medium-sized castings and structural parts in various machinery industries.


Wide range of applications, rich models optional

This model is widely used in engineering machinery, casting, and automobile factories. It has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient loading and unloading, and high automation.

Effective cleaning of welding technology

The impacted part of the hook-through shot blasting machine chamber adopts imported wear-resistant guard plates, which effectively prolongs the life of the equipment. The shot blasters in the cleaning room are all designed through computer dynamic simulation. Each shot blaster has a certain angle with the moving direction of the workpiece, which can reduce the dead angle of shot blasting and maximize the utilization rate of projectiles.