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The structure of the filter cartridge dust collector is composed of several key components: air inlet pipe, exhaust pipe, box body, ash hopper, dust cleaning device, diversion device, air flow distribution distribution plate, filter cartridge and electric control device. These components work together seamlessly to provide optimum dust removal. The intake duct ensures smooth flow of air into the dust collector, while the exhaust duct efficiently exhausts clean air from the system. The box and hopper provide a secure enclosure for the dust collector, ensuring that no dust or debris escapes during operation. The dust extraction unit ensures that the dust collector operates at peak efficiency throughout its service life. The dust cleaning unit blasts compressed air onto the filter cartridge, removing any remaining dust and ensuring consistent performance.

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The filter itself is an engineering marvel. Our filter elements are covered with a layer of microfiber material in addition to the normal filter material. This additional layer greatly improves filtration, allowing the dust collector to capture particles as small as 0.5 microns. Our cartridge dust collectors have a 99.9% collection capacity for particles over 0.5 microns, ensuring that even the tiniest particles are effectively captured.

Our cartridge dust collector not only has unparalleled efficiency, but also is very energy-saving. Due to the design of the filter cartridge, the dust only stays on the surface of the microfiber layer, and the filtering resistance is greatly reduced. The reduction in drag results in significant power savings, with our dust collectors consuming over 30% less energy than conventional models. The energy savings are undeniable, providing environmental and cost benefits.

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Filter Cartridge Dust Collector

It is very simple and hassle-free to operate the cartridge dust collector. The pulse back blowing dust cleaning device makes cleaning and maintenance easy. The dust collector continues to operate efficiently, ensuring your work environment remains clean and free of harmful airborne particles.