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It is widely used in batch cleaning of small and medium-sized castings, forgings, alloys and other workpieces. Clean the residual sand, inclusions, oxidize, and rust on the surface of the workpiece to present a clean and bright metal surface. It can also perform surface shot blasting treatment on crankshafts, connecting rods, gearboxes, valves and other workpieces. It is ideal for locomotives and vehicle factories. The ideal equipment of choice for the industry.

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Accumulated Type Shot Blasting Machine - Longfa

Q58 series product-free shot blasting machine adopts product-free push-type suspension conveyor to carry workpieces. The upper traction chain runs continuously at a constant speed, and the push rod on the chain pushes the trolley with the hook on the lower bearing rail forward. With the help of electronic control, the trolleys can be separated from the traction chain and stand still, and accumulate together; the restless trolleys can also be released one by one to move forward. This machine mainly uses the high-speed shot flow thrown by the high-efficiency and powerful shot blaster to hit the surface and inner cavity of the workpiece that is located in the chamber and rotates at a fixed point against the projecting position, and removes the sticky sand, oxidized rust layer and other sundries on it. To obtain a carefully polished surface.

Main technical specifications of Q58 series hanging chain accumulation type shot blasting machine       
Serial Number Name Specification
Q582 Q583 Q584A Q585 Q588
1 Large amount of hook load mass/kg 200 300 400 500 800
2 Working size l/mm*b/mm*h/mm - - - - -
φ/mm*h/mm 1200*1700 1100*1100 850*1120 550*1900 1400*1450
3 Productivity (hook/h) 25-30 Frosted:15-30
Surface cleaning:30-60
30 15-20 -
4 Chamber size l/m*b/mm*h/mm 3.6*1.9*2.4 4.0*2.0*2.7 7.0*2.0*2.6 3.6*2.0*3.0 4.2*2.1*2.4
5 Shot blaster Amount 4 4 4 4 4
Single shot blasting rate/(kg/min) 250 250 200 260 250
Single power/KW - 18.5 18.5 - -