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The steel pretreatment line process refers to the processing technology in which the steel is subjected to surface shot blasting and derusting before processing (that is, the raw material state) and coated with a layer of protective primer. Pretreatment of steel can improve the corrosion resistance of mechanical products and metal components, improve the fatigue resistance of steel plates, and prolong their service life; at the same time, it can also optimize the production state of steel surface technology, Conducive to CNC cutting machine blanking and precision blanking. In addition, since the shape of the steel before processing is relatively regular, it is conducive to mechanical rust removal and automatic painting. Therefore, the use of steel pretreatment can greatly improve the efficiency of cleaning work, reduce the labor intensity of cleaning work and environmental pollution.

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Steel Pretreatment Line

This series of steel shot blasting pretreatment line is mainly composed of roller conveying system, shot blasting machine, automatic painting system, paint mist filtering system, drying room, electric control system, and can be expanded with automatic loading and unloading system and preheating room . And can be configured according to user requirements closed-circuit television monitoring and automatic coding device. It is suitable for surface derusting and painting processes of steel plates and profiles in industries such as ships, automobiles, rolling stock, bridges, and machinery.

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● With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the domestic steel plate pretreatment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. Steel plate pretreatment has high economic benefits, and shot blasting on the surface of the workpiece is the main link of steel plate pretreatment.
● This series has 2-meter steel plate pretreatment line, 2-meter-5 steel plate pre-treatment line, 3-meter steel plate pre-treatment line, 3-meter-5 steel plate pre-treatment line, 4-meter steel plate pre-treatment line, 4-meter-5 steel plate pretreatment line and other models , the width can be designed according to customer's requirements.
● In order to improve production efficiency, professional steel plate pretreatment enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region have generally adopted a four-meter-five steel plate pretreatment line, which can process two steel plates side by side at the same time.
● This series of equipment adopts conventional control or PLC control.